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Where in space are dumb and dumber?

Along with my 474th lesson, Date night with Bob and Sophie 1/2, I had a Dessert from the famous serie ER. When it comes to series I want to know the season and the issue #.
It's mostly easy enough to deduce as it's often extracted of Youtube footage but I didn't find this one.
It's an exerpt where 2 young men arrive in ER for a case of disjointed jaws due to an eight ball. Among others they're welcomed by Jerry Markovic (Abraham Benrubi)

-Do we have names?
-Yeah, dumb and dumber.

Does anyone know this issues ?
I found but I don't feel like searching for the string "dumb and dumber" amonng 331 episodes :-)
Thank you


  • Hi Picsou

    I’m not used to the forum but had a quick look this morning : I’ve known you for ages of course : you are sooooo famous ! And full of wit .
    But tell me Dear : what do you mean by “ where in space “ ? Does it have anything to do with the expression: “ where on earth “ ?
    Looking forward , have a nice day !
    Christine AKA Trifle
  • Indeed where in space equal where on earth.
    Like in Where on ___ is Carmen San Diego games series.
    There's different Where on ...
    Where on time, where on my thougth is ...

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