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Hey there,
In the mentioned lesson there was the task "Fill in the blanks below with the appropriate form of the verb. Don't forget auxiliaries and modals when necessary!" and there the 5th blank want to and verb form was the question
5 speaking: We cannot follow the verb 'to want' with another verb in the gerundive (ING) form.
5 to speak: The verb 'to want' can only be followed by another verb in the infinitive form. Example: The cat wanted to go outside. We must use the full infinitive form of the verb 'to speak' to correctly complete this construction.

Okay. I'm so sorry but I looked for it in the where there is a meaning like this:
(informal) to need something
want doing something The plants want watering daily.
Is this wrong?

7 have been bleeding am bleeding: The verb 'to bleed' is frequently used in the present progressive (or present continuous) tense to describe the 'act of bleeding'. Here Horatio is expressing that he is 'bleeding at the current moment'. The present progressive tense is formed by the auxiliary 'to be' + the 'ING' form of the verb (to bleed).

I (and Horatio too) would have expressed that the act of bleeding is even at the current moment but reasonably it's been started in the past and expectedly it will be continued in the future too. So the situation is very, very dangerous. It should be accepted. All two are correct.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


Tünde Lagler


  • Informal : informell !
    Außerhalb der Grammatikregeln.

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