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these days

Hey there,
I'd like to ask what these days mean exactly. I think it is the same as the at the present is and it is a controversial expression 'cause some use it in the meaning of the at the moment and others nowadays. So my question is: can the 'these days' mean yesterday, today and tomorrow too or not?

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  • Hello Guy....In my humble opinion. ‘these days’ means all and its opposite like now lately and many others significants I think. Bye
  • "These days" means current times, in my life now, as I live contemporary life, the present. You could say, and I've heard people say, "I have aches and pains all over these days," and it would mean yesterday, today, tomorrow--in my present life. Or "these days the kids have no respect for their elders." Or maybe, "these days the youth of our society have no interest in learning, they only want to play video games."


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