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2 grammatical disputes I have with Fantastique writers

1. I was taught that Est-ce que vous voulez is totally equivalent to Voulez-vous, but the answer was deemed incorrect, in favor of the more oral version Vous voulez...? Please elucidate.
2. The site lists the following: C'est moi, C'est toi, C'est lui, C'est elle, C'est nous, C'est vous, C'est eux, C'est elles. I was taught that they all take C'est EXCEPT Ce sont eux and Ce sont elles. Please clarify.


  • 1. Both are very, very, very similar. "Voulez-vous" and the inverted interrogative form in general are slightly more formal than the other interrogative forms (and preferable if you write something in a formal context like an email for example).

    2. Correct forms : Ce sont eux and ce sont elles (plural)

    Hope that it helps!

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