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the lesson is too short

I have had subscribing Frantastique for more than 2 years. In the last couple of months, the lessons have been too short albeit I have selected extended version of the lessons. This is disappointing. >_<


  • Je suis d'accord avec toi!
  • I agree the lessons are shorter than previously, particularly with the new design.
    For example the "Story" is twice shorter than before..
    This is a dirty trick.
    I think to stop paying for lessons with so little interest.
  • I am in the first month for free, can't say anything by now.
  • I agree. Je suis d’accord avec vous. Les leçons sont trop courtes. I have set my length to maximum, but get too little content. The content provided is good, but there is not enough to engage an active learner. I just subscribed about 3 weeks ago. I am disappointed especially because the price of this program is more expensive than most. I expected more.
  • Mes premières dix leçons du mois de septembre: 1:55, 0:40, 1:52, seulement texte, 1:38, 0:44, 1:43, seulement texte (mais dessert très rigolos, avant ça Devinez pourquoi il est sur le balcon et comment ça continue), 0:27, 1:54 (654 secondes, moyenne 1:05)

    Mes dernières dix leçons: 1:13, 0:28, seulement texte, 0:57, 0:57, 0:59, 1:16, seulement texte, 1:16, seulement texte (mais dessert super rigolos: moyenne: 0:36.7

    Oui, en fait c'est devenu trop court ! Mais au même temps maintenant j'ai plus de choses à répéter ...

    Lequel est votre dessert favori ?
  • I agree the lessons are short. But I know if they were too long I wouldn't do them! So maybe it's a good thing, and I can always spend time reading the detailed comments and explanations they give.
  • I agree that the lessons are short. But I find that there is so much new material in each of them that I probably wouldn't be able to absorb too much more. I would say, however, that the stories from my free-trial period were more inventive than those I'm seeing now.
  • Have been doing it for a couple of months. I subscribed because initially I liked the creative way the material was presented. Now, though, the content is not nearly so engaging. Sometimes the lesson seems a bit random and contains questions I can’t possibly answer. Yes, one might learn that way. But to get a score of 50% because one answered je ne sais pas is a bit discouraging. It is expensive, too. And now I’m locked into it for two years. �
  • Don't worry if you get low scores. It just means you discovered something that you need to improve on. That will be explained next time and then repeated until you get it. If you get exercises all the time where you score well already at the first time, how can you improve? Maybe it would be good to have an option in addition to "inutile de reviser" to say something is too advanced. For example, passé simple is nearly only used in formal written language. That should not be started with before one knows other tenses well.
    I had the same experience that the material in the test period was especially well presented, and I am a bit disappointed that later on it is sometimes rather dull. Today "Le dessert du jour" was the citation "J’admire et j’adore Victor Hugo !" - Léon Gambetta, Lettre à Victor Hugo du 26 février 1877. Pretty much any random newspaper article would have been more helpful. There are still other days when I really enjoy a nice clip with an explanation that is so funny or interesting that I can remember it well and it helps me to learn something new.

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