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the lesson is too short

I have had subscribing Frantastique for more than 2 years. In the last couple of months, the lessons have been too short albeit I have selected extended version of the lessons. This is disappointing. >_<


  • Je suis d'accord avec toi!
  • I agree the lessons are shorter than previously, particularly with the new design.
    For example the "Story" is twice shorter than before..
    This is a dirty trick.
    I think to stop paying for lessons with so little interest.
  • I am in the first month for free, can't say anything by now.
  • I agree. Je suis d’accord avec vous. Les leçons sont trop courtes. I have set my length to maximum, but get too little content. The content provided is good, but there is not enough to engage an active learner. I just subscribed about 3 weeks ago. I am disappointed especially because the price of this program is more expensive than most. I expected more.
  • Mes premières dix leçons du mois de septembre: 1:55, 0:40, 1:52, seulement texte, 1:38, 0:44, 1:43, seulement texte (mais dessert très rigolos, avant ça Devinez pourquoi il est sur le balcon et comment ça continue), 0:27, 1:54 (654 secondes, moyenne 1:05)

    Mes dernières dix leçons: 1:13, 0:28, seulement texte, 0:57, 0:57, 0:59, 1:16, seulement texte, 1:16, seulement texte (mais dessert super rigolos: moyenne: 0:36.7

    Oui, en fait c'est devenu trop court ! Mais au même temps maintenant j'ai plus de choses à répéter ...

    Lequel est votre dessert favori ?
  • I agree the lessons are short. But I know if they were too long I wouldn't do them! So maybe it's a good thing, and I can always spend time reading the detailed comments and explanations they give.
  • I agree that the lessons are short. But I find that there is so much new material in each of them that I probably wouldn't be able to absorb too much more. I would say, however, that the stories from my free-trial period were more inventive than those I'm seeing now.
  • Have been doing it for a couple of months. I subscribed because initially I liked the creative way the material was presented. Now, though, the content is not nearly so engaging. Sometimes the lesson seems a bit random and contains questions I can’t possibly answer. Yes, one might learn that way. But to get a score of 50% because one answered je ne sais pas is a bit discouraging. It is expensive, too. And now I’m locked into it for two years. �

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