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the lesson is too short

I have had subscribing Frantastique for more than 2 years. In the last couple of months, the lessons have been too short albeit I have selected extended version of the lessons. This is disappointing. >_<

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  • I have just subscribed for 6 months just to see if I can maintain 5 lessons a week. My lessons are long -- it does take quite some time especially when you get your corrections immediately and need to go through those too. I have found that sometimes in 'Le dessert du jour' I don't know all of the vocabulary and wish that I could underline these words too and get those explained but it's good to listen and work it out.
    I am useless with tenses and I'm hoping that these are going to come in to play at some stage although I am picking up some good grammar tips that I'd forgotten. Is anyone working more with tenses? I'd be interested to know.
    Also, sometimes when there are a few test questions there's only one I can't answer but I need to say 'je n'ai sais pas' which applies to all of them - a tick box for each one would be more advantageous I think.
  • In the explanations of the dessert you cannot use the vocabulary but you can click on the translation.
    My wife and I get tested about tenses all the time, in her case it even surprised me that it started with passé simple quite early although she was a beginner and that is not a tense that is in any way important for beginners. You can go to Cahier de cours / Pédagogie / Grammaire to revise grammar. The tenses are categorized under L because they start Le futur / Le passé composé / L'imparfait ... except for Présent : le -s final à la première personne du singulier (je), Exprimer la nécessité : infinitif ou subjonctif ?, Quel temps utiliser après « si » ?, and Tu à l’impératif : avec ou sans -s ? I have reached 5.5 in grammar and currently have 88 grammar topics, not sure if any further ones will come.
    You can just leave a question open or put some nonsense, there is no need to click on je ne sais pas if you know some of the answers.

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