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Machisme dans les histoires in Frantastique

I love Frantastique, their stories are very funny and I learn a lot. But, don't you think they are sexist?
For example: all the bosses (Therrien) and people who have money (Blanchard?) are only men. The character of Victor Hugo have lots of women in love with him, but I have not seen any woman with several men, being infidele to his man in this story. On the contrary, women (Muriel, Solange?) are left by men. Thierry is cared by his mother, but not by his father.
There are more: women only care about love and men (Muriel, Solange?), but men have other interests, like playing guitar. I can't remember her name, but there is a female character who wants to give up her planet, life and also her work for the love of a man. I have not seen any male character leaving anything for his love.
I really think that "spicy" sotories does not have to mean "male dominant" stories. What do you think?


  • C´est bonne idée inclure plus de personnages fémenins pour les histories, pour voir les choses d´autre forme avec éléments neutres.
  • I am not really aware about the gender on Victor Hugo lesson, I just think amazing on creating Muriel and Marcel in the Snail Galaxy
  • Je suis d'accord, Vanina! J'espère que les créateurs de Frantastique peuvent faire quelque chose pour changer les histoires dans le futur.

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