The Delavigne Corporation

some observations about Delavigne and the lessons

Delavigne Corporation seems boring to me. It's to commercial and sometimes, in particular with American characters, not the sort of english words I would like to learn. There are to many slang expressions The subjects could be more various. I like to learn the different meanings of a word and the special expressions. I don't always agree with the way of asking questions about the text. Even if I understand it, I don't know what Gymglish expects, it's somtimes not clear .


  • Hi,
    I am an addict of Delavigne's. Let me explain.
    You can find a lot of humour through all the stories. The best way to improve your English and fly above a more traditional and conventional method.
    About grammar explanations. First you get the correction when you re wrong and the next lesson you get an extra explanation, in French, with all the examples necessary to explain better.
    I think that Delavigne and radio rhubarb are good to cope with different accents and ways to speak. The slang takes a big part for many speakers and Writers...don't you think?
    Of course you can complete your formation doing many other things in English...
    Have a good day
  • I don't agrre with the choice of Dr Loblaw's accent. It's definitely not useful to learn english and oral listening, this accent is "forced" and not credible, very difficult to understand whatever the language.
  • I have to make sure the machine system doesn't change the answer I have selected.
  • That horrible American accent is really not my cup of tea. It’s rude and vulgar ! On the other hand I appreciate your grammar explanations, but sometimes I‘d like come back to a lesson I did the day before but it‘s already erased.
    Best regards Yvonne
  • it's true the courses of delavigne story are very boring endless discussions on computers, the financial market etc ,,, do not interest me at all, I had asked for courses on discussions between friends on travel the arts , and everyday life and what I am offered is business with an individual with a terrible accent and speaking slang what a disappointment!
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  • Hello guys. I am so pleased to read your viewpoints on the courses based on Delavigne Corporation. as for me, nothing is boring about that. I found it so interesting and helping. You may find the american accent difficult to understand regardind its complexity but when you afford to understand the most difficut, the others become easier.Let's keep up, we will make it.
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