English Grammar

did or have...

Please explane to me, whoever you are, when I use did (verb) and when have (verb) in Past tenses?


  • Hello!
    It depends on what do you want to express.
    Past tense of the verb have ist: had
    Past tense of the verb do is: did

    Examples: I had no choice. I had a garden in front of my house.

    Examples: I did the singing. What did you say?

    Maybe you are confused by the past tense negative?

    Examples: We did´nt have flowers. I didn´t do the singing. I didn´t say anything. I didn´t have a choice.

    Maybe you are confused by the fact, that the word "have" is used as an auxiliary verb sometimes (but in present perfect tense, not in past tense): Example: He has finished his exercise. You can also say: He did finish his exercise. But the meaning changes.

    Good luck!

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