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Le dessert du jour

It would be great to provide a full transcript of these segments for those of us training our ear!


  • I totally agree. I need to hear more of the spoken French language.
  • Many of the videos are subtitled. Watching films with subtitles is very helpful in general. Also listening to songs and then reading the lyrics in case you missed something. Maybe we can compile a list of our favourites here? I like the songs Moules Frites by Stromae
    and Il fait si beau and Favourite Song by Vincent Delerm.
    Except for the last one they are easy to find online. Also the episode of the film Paris, je t'aime: Place des Fêtes: (I could only find subtitles in English.)
  • For practice in hearing clearly pronounced French (but not slow) try the daily world news Le Journal en Français Facile
    With a transcription so you can check your understanding.
  • I find that my main weakness in French is understanding the spoken language, so I would prefer it if there were more audio clips in the lessons. Too often there is a long explanatory sentence in French, but no indication of how it should be pronounced.

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