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A little confusing for me.
En allant voter, je fais mon 'devoir' de citoyen.
If voting in France in not compulsory, why would the word 'devoir', which means obligation, be used?
I would have thought 'droit' (the right) to vote would have been more appropriate?



  • Even if it is not literally compulsory you can still personally see it as your duty. I agree with you that it's also a right but one doesn't use the expression "je fais mon droit" like this. "Je fais mon droit" means "I study law". Don't ask me why, it's idiomatic.
  • C’est son devoir d’exercer ses droits. Ils ont coûté chers à des générations et des generations. Les droits sont pour les gens; le devoir, c’est pour l'individu

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