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Has anyone tried Premium?

It's VERY expensive at €64/month.
Are the lessons longer?
Is the content richer? Eg Business, Culture.


  • Oui et je parle un peu maintenant !
  • Cherry Ann Bacao said

    Oui et je parle un peu maintenant !

      Are there more or any video clips at all? During the trial period of 7 days there were plenty of them - now there are non in the basic version!
  • I have Premium since April 2021, I am at lesson 142. I find it also very expensive, this is why I took the risk to subscribe for two years at once. Then the cost per month is lower.
    The high price motivates me to use it as much as possible, to get my money’s worth back out of it.
    For me it works, I enjoy it. There are often cartoon videos, a lot of audio material.
    My French has improved, even when at age over 70 my memory is not the best.
    Of course you do not learn to speak, which is a serious shortcoming in the whole concept.
    For the verb forms, I cheat the teacher a little with the help of their free VTFC app. St school I was good at cheating, and old habits die hard.
  • Re: Price Tag
    Gymglish does offer 30% discounts from time to time if you are on their mailing lists. $24/month becomes $17/mo (approximately 78 cents – $0.78 per lesson, $200/yr). Compare $200/yr to, say, an 11-week (30 hr.) classroom (4 to 9 students in the room) cost at your local Alliance Française or similar school: typically $450 – $630, depending the school and the city.

    Also, while the length of each new lesson is only 10 – 15 minutes, you can add to your studies in the “Cahiers du Cours” section which provides review of all of the material you already covered in previous lessons, customized for you: grammar, vocabulary, reruns of ALL of the previous lessons, many of the exercises. You can also pull up and view any of the previous “episodes” (the 30 to 90 second video/animation/document) as well as any of the previous, short “dessert du jour” segments. Episode and “dessert” videos can be downloaded and kept on your device for use even after your subscription has expired.

    Getting in the habit of a short, 10 – 15 minute
    lesson, 5 times a week, is excellent for reinforcement of your learning over the long-term. It’s never more than 2 days since you did, at least a little, review of French, so you are less likely to start forgetting what you are learning.

    I don’t rely on Frantastique alone for my study of French. I supplement it with a few $15 workbooks I’ve bought on Amazon along with other materials (such as software tools and free websites such as

    One final note, if you are traveling, busy, or just need to take a break, you can pause your lessons for a few days, even weeks, without losing your allocated remaining lessons.

  • Thank you, Jerry Bucknoff. This is a lot of useful information.🤓

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