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Where do we use the word brat?

I mostly get confused in brag and brat. I want to know exactly where can we use brat?


  • Brag is a verb, brat is a noun. To brag means to boast about something. A brat is a child who behaves poorly, often without reprimand. We often use the word “spoiled” together with brat.

    “My child got the lead role in the school play again. He is very talented and everyone loves to see him on stage. He is also the best singer and dancer.” (Brag, brag, brag...)

    “If he cries long enough and kicks the table, his parents will give him candy for supper. He will not share with his friends. I think he is a spoiled brat.”

    Also, in parts of the US, the word “brat” is short for “bratwurst”, a type of sausage.
  • What a very god explanation! Even if I don't ask for it, I can profit from it.
  • Yes, the explanation is clear and now I can me image good the different between brag and brat. Funny with the Word Bratwurst that spell on a part at USA. Also the same word Bratwurst will be using in German for sausage.
  • The only time the word "brat" is use is when we are referring a child who is behaving badly.
    "Brat" can be use anywhere, but it is not a nice word to say.

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