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The best methods to improve our english

Hello everyone,
I am Chaplet, languages learner.
Actually, I am learning english and I'd like to pass an IELTS exam.

I think you are that nice people who has some secrets or best strategy about either english improving or other we can use to go up with our language learning ,
You're Welcome!!!


  • Hello Chaplet,
    I'm Carole, english learner.
    I haven't secrets and I am sorry about it.

    I have learned english when I was student, a very long time ago. So, my level in english is medium. I need much more time per day than 15 minutes, like it has was explained.
    Apologies, I cannot advise you on the best strategy to have.
    In fact, I need to progress and it's the reason why I'm learning with gymglish.

    Also, I just started an online personal development course: learning to learn.
    It may be a strategy to adopt to improve your skills, in any field.

    Above all, have a good time!
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  • This post was deleted by the author 1 month, 2 weeks ago.

  • Hi Chaplet
    In my opinion you schould take a piece of paper and write down your whole english work time.
    After 100 hours you were on A1 level, after 400 on A2, after 800 on B1 after 1300 on B2 and after 2000 work hours on C1.
    How about Wh learn group, this is very helpfull too?
    My Wh is 0041 76 431 63 13.
    Best wishes
  • Hi Chaplet,

    learning English might be easier and even joyful for you if you just do the things you like but in English.

    For example I love reading books, so I read the books I want to read in English. If normal books are still too difficult for you, you also can read English magazines. There is a special one called Spotlight. I liked that very much as it gives help with vocab and grammar. Or read books in easy language or books for kids.

    Some years ago I liked playing computer games and I found one where you can chat with an international community. There were people from all over the world and it was very interesting to talk to them. Of course the only common language was English.

    I also listen to English songs and I travelled to countries where I was able to speak English, like Ireland, India, Indonesia... I also attended English courses on Malta and in England. Those were very useful and after some days here I even started dreaming in English.

    I also like watching movies, so I watch movies in English with German subtitles. DVDs are great. You can watch the same scene again and again to get used to the English words and their sound. Same with audio books.

    There are a lot of things you can do in English. Just use your fantasy :)

    If you like cooking, read the cooking recipes in English.
    If you like writing letters - or emails - find yourself an English speaking person with whom you can exchange letters.
    If you like meeting people watch out for native speakers in your area.
    If you like knitting look for English knitting instructions...

    Have fun :)


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