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The best methods to improve our english

Hello everyone,
I am Chaplet, languages learner.
Actually, I am learning english and I'd like to pass an IELTS exam.

I think you are that nice people who has some secrets or best strategy about either english improving or other we can use to go up with our language learning ,
You're Welcome!!!


  • Hello Chaplet,
    I'm Carole, english learner.
    I haven't secrets and I am sorry about it.

    I have learned english when I was student, a very long time ago. So, my level in english is medium. I need much more time per day than 15 minutes, like it has was explained.
    Apologies, I cannot advise you on the best strategy to have.
    In fact, I need to progress and it's the reason why I'm learning with gymglish.

    Also, I just started an online personal development course: learning to learn.
    It may be a strategy to adopt to improve your skills, in any field.

    Above all, have a good time!

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