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Difficulty of communicating with Frantastique

I love Frantastique, and am halfway through my first year of lessons, for which I paid the full fee. My complaint is that I cant get any help from the administration. The only method of communicating with them seems to be the "contact us" button that appears when one presses the "Help" icon. This brings up a message form with a "Send" button. However, if one uses it, there is no feedback to confirm that the message has been sent, and - worse! - there is no reply. For the past three days i have used this method to report that my daily lesson has not arrived. I get no answer, and the lessons stlll have not started again. To whom can I complain? Am I going to be cheated out of my next 6 months of lessons? Why isnt there a real E-mail address to a real human who reads the letters and responds to them? Very disappointed and disillusioned!

Hugh Rowell, in Switzerland


  • At one time I stopped getting email about the lessons, but when I went to the web site there was a new lesson waiting for me at the right time.
    This happened after I missed completing a couple of lessons in succession.
    When I renewed my subscription (and also started using a different email address) then I started getting the email again.

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