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Printing the lessons, vocabulary and grammar

Dear all,

I am here for a 7 lesson free trial for French. Before I extend and book one of the 6 or 12 month period exercises I have one question: is there a proper way of printing lessons, vocabulary and grammar? The outputs I get look horrible, not formatted etc.

I need the outputs for easy offline repetitions, for writing on them etc.

Any idea?


  • Hello Claudia,
    I have tried the Add-On "Print Edit WE" within Firefox. Although I am not fully satisfied, the result is not horrible.
  • Thank you! I will test it!
  • Does it works?
  • Sorry for my late reply. This forum is soooo dead that I never check it. Eventhough the add-On "Print Edit WE" is a very helpful tool, which I know use for different purposes I do not use it for my lessons here. It is just too much work. In the same time I have manually written the required information. The webpage is very badly designed in many ways but it is not worse then in other programs to be fair. But thank you so much for your friendly help.
  • It's ok ... I agree, that these site are not easily to print. Mostly, I hide all items with print WE to get a good result. Good means: To get a non paper exhausting result ;-) Best regards, Bjoern
  • I simply printed the page as pdf first and it worked quite well.
  • That's funny ... today, you have the same amount of completed lessons as I (172) :-)
  • Oops ... we have all 179 completed lessons. Petra, Claudia an d Bjoern :-o

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