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No more videos/reading comprehension exercises

Suddenly, my lessons got shorter (I still have the setting at maximum). And I no longer receive videos- nor "desserts" nor any reading comprehension exercises. Plus, the lessons seem to have gotten much easier. Again, my settings have not been changed- so the issue is not on my end.


  • Frantastique contacted me- apparently they do not have any more content to offer me and suggested that I re-do the lessons from the past with their videos/reading comprehension exercises. The only other option would have been to just continue with the vocabulary/grammar exercises.
  • This has happened to me as well. Is this the end of the course? So disappointed as I was really enjoying it, but this is boring.
  • How many lessons had you done when this started happening? I'm curious. I signed up for a 3-year course and hope it will continue to be new content all through the course.
  • I have been doing Frantastique since 2015 (maybe 2014 - not sure!) and I think I have started from scratch twice. It is not a bad thing to do, because they keep adding new stuff and revising the lessons, so you will not be bored - although some stuff may seem familiar. Alternately, you could try their Frantastique Ortho - which is really hard. No quarter is given for a single spelling mistake, but they do seem to revise quite a lot more, and there is a lot of dictée - also very useful. You should drop the help-desk a line - they are helpful and kind!
  • Joburg Princess, that's good to know. Thank you!
  • Hi Michael and Ruth,
    I was wondering about your level of French. Has Frantastique has run out of lessons for you because you're C2 (the most advanced) and so can't progress to a higher level?
    By the way, I've been classified as between B2 and C1.
    Thank you.

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