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Hi from France

Hello, my name is Thierry, I am a French personal trainer. I leave near Paris with my wife and my two kids.
If you want to share about whatever you want, feel free to reply...


  • I hope you don't mind a correction - I think you mean "live" (vive) not "leave" (laisse). I think it's hard to tell the difference between the vowel sounds in these words for French speakers. I can't tell the difference between sounds in French either e.g. "donnais" is supposed to sound different to "donnĂ©" isn't it?
  • Hi Thierry, I'm Libor from CZ. I'm sitting on the balcony on the sevents floor of our block of flats. It's after rain and swallows are flying around hunting flyes. Is Englisch just your hobby or the must for work? I'm sending warm regards to France. Bye. L

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