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My name is Agnès . I am French .


  • Hello! I'm Odette I'm french
  • Hello, I'm Sheik from Côte d'Ivoire (ivorian). Happy to meet you. I started Gimglish lessons last week.
  • hello. I am Brigitte. I am learning English too. I am discovering vocabulary and reviewing grammar. I think Gymglish is very useful. I like the humour in the texts of Gymglish. i chose Gymglish 'economic version". The Delavigne firm produces perfumes. And you, what did you choose?
    Best regards
  • My name is Agnès . I am French .
  • Hello, i also chose the economic version. I don’t use english in my job but 2 of my children are living abroad, one in Australia and the other in Canada. So, i need to improve my English for travelling and enjoying myself when i am visiting them.
  • What do you suggest we talk about ?
  • Hello, I ´me Jocelyne. I’m French too and I started lessons two months ago.

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