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Grammatical terms

I’m currently learning French with the initial free lessons which I’m coping ok with. However, Is it just me or does everybody automatically know what exactly all the grammatical terms mean? There is no explanation what exactly the ‘past historic tense’ /subject verb inversion/interrogative future tense/ adjectives used in this, that and the other tenses.
It’s bad enough at our age dealing with nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives. We are not all young students wishing to learn French in this kind of depth. Maybe there is somewhere in the site that explains these as I’m getting rather confused!


  • Hi,
    I think we all feel a bit frustrated too. I get some answers wrong because there was not explanation from before. There is no way I can answer something right if I haven't studied the content. So hang in there we will make it :)
  • You can find good explanations of the terms online, some with good examples.

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