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Always the imperative??

Every time I get one of those extra grammar questions it's always the impératif présent. J'aimerais pratiquer aussi des autres temps. Has anyone else had a similar problem?


  • No, I receive various tenses(future, past) and modalities (subjunctive etc.) - it might be a matter of level? I'm doing B1-B2
  • Usually the questions are repeated with which you have trouble. I had to do a lot of passé simple because since it is not used in everyday life I had most difficulties with it. You can see under grammaire how many topics you have and how many of them are classified as "Appris" or "À réviser" (76/32 in my case, which doesn't sum up to the total of 94). You can click on "inutile à reviser" if you don't want further questions on a topic.

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