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Basement meaning

What is the good answer, please (Battle of the bands) ?????

a basement: un sous-sol, une cave (extra vocabulary)

Finally, the term "basement" shares a similar meaning with: cave cellar
cave: This is not correct. A "cave" is a large hole in a rock, for example in the side of a mountain (Corrections)

I think there is an error in your corrections today ....


  • Hello, I see no one has answered your basement question. Hope this helps. A basement is an area of a house that is under ground. Houses in North America often start with an area being dug out many feet below the ground. The house then sits upon this area which has bedrooms, a bathroom,furnace, play area, etc. The stairs from the basement lead up to the main floor of the house. I hope this helps you! Sorry if I went into too much detail.
  • A cave est une grotte

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