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keeping your cool

I had a Gymlish lesson right now. Why do you say: keeping your cool, and not: keeping you cool?
Thank you very much for the answer!


  • You must use the possessive word “your”. Your cat. Your house. Your car. Your cool. Cool in this context is considered to be something you are part of. That you own. A difficult concept and perhaps something to just memorize for now. It is used quite a lot in everyday English.

    I need to keep my cool with my boss.

    Keep your cool, this will all be over with soon.

    You lost your cool, now look at the mess we are in.
  • Contrast with "that fan keeps you cool" i.e. it cools you down, reduces your temperature. Whereas "your cool" relates to your mood,
    "Cool" can also relate to someone's or an object's appearance; It's generally complementary to say "you look cool in that", or "she's cool".
    It can also be used as a simple expression of contentment, happiness; "OK kids, we're off to the beach" - Cool!

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