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any magazine to recommend

Hi there,
I'm looking for a magazine to increase my language. I have an intermediate level (C-1), and would like to find an additional resource to get pleasure and to learn english, at the same time. So, any suggestions, would be welcome !!
thanks in advance!


  • try this:
    I used the business.spotlight, quite interesting sometimes.
  • I love go english and vocable.
  • I wouldn’t like to be rude but” Go English” and “ Vocable “ are ok , but , still , it’s lessons again ! And not enough fun.
    Remember, you have to have fun while learning !
    Try to find a magazine which suits your likings ...there must be some , though English magazines are hard to find since Brexit !
    Good luck and believe me : there are sooooo many ways to learn !
    Take care and carry on

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