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I am Eve , i live in France more precisely , in the south of france


  • I don't really think that French people don't like to speak foreign languages but the general level is pretty low if you compare to Scandinavian countries speaking English nearly as their mother tongue for instance, therefore I think many people are simply shy and don't have enough trust in their skills to have a conversation with foreign people.
    This is really something we need to work on in our school programs. I guess we teach foreign languages as we teach French. It is mainly about grammar and written skills whereas we should focus on oral comprehension and speaking most of the time !!
  • Hiya Eve,

    good to hear from you. I've never been to France but to me it seems to be a country with great scenery. Unfortunately I don't speak French and as far as I know French people don't like to speak foreign languages. Is that true or just a stereotype?

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