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I started Frantastique lessons in March 2019 and to begin with really enjoyed them. My husband had bought me a 3 year subscription which finishes mid February 2022. BUT since December 2020 my lessons have all been 'Révisons un peu' almost nothing new. I didn't ever learn English grammar as it wasn't in vogue in the mid-sixties and so French grammar has been a huge learning curve for me. I'm never going to get some of it right but I still want to be able to improve. I've had no more of the dictation parts that I thought were really good for me and important for hearing and understanding my neighbours. Anyone else feeling this? Is it a problem associated with covid? I feel like i've cheated out of the last 14 months of my subscription. Oh, and i've only just found this space. Thanks for reading.


  • Salut Trisha,
    How many lessons did you complete before being only offered revisions? I am mid-way through a one year subscription and am cautious of overspending. I’m finding the lessons useful but it’s certainly an investment!
    And Anastasia, can you please tell me what Ortho is? Is it useful or worthwhile?
    Thank you!!
  • Yes. Same here. They encourage you to refer your friends with the promise of free lessons in return but in reality they have nothing to offer after a fixed number of lessons. Some transparency about the number of lessons available would be more honest. Apart from revision all they could offer me was to go back to the beginning again. There is not much incentive with that. I am telling my friends not to pay for too much in advance as it is just a waste of money.
  • Trisha I feel the same. Like you I bought a two year subscription after enjoying a year with Frantastique, but all we have now is revision.
    I know this is important but I am losing enthusiasm to do the daily lesson.
    Please Frantastique let us know whether our funny lessons will return
  • Hello, you have probably completed all lessons available so far. This happened to me too and I was offered to transfer the remaining period of my Frantastique subscription to frantastique ortho. Send them an email :)

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