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when you need to breadword imagine how do you do it?


  • Your riddle, efra, is the most puzzling one I have ever come across.
    All the night long, I mulled over turning and turning round and round in my bed. At 7 early this morning I opened my computer to jump into the forum and provide you with some faltering answers that sure will get turned down.

    1. First manner that springs to my mind to imagine the 'bread' word.
    When I need the 'bread' word, that's because I am hungry and I have to go to the baker's. Living in an English talking resort, I have to imagine a way to find out the name of that stuff of the loaf of bread that I can see in the shop window and that I'm drooling over.
    I enter the baker's shop. I open my mouth and shakes my right hand (I am right-handed) before my open mouth. If needed I also draw circles with my hand on my stomach. At seeing that, the person across the counter asks me: "Bread?" Upon what I nod.

    2. Another dull way about how to imagine a 'bread' word is an abecederian one. Take several sets of Scrabble game. Pluck the 5 necessary letters out of each of them. Throw them onto a table. Then arrange the 5 letters in the (1x2x3x4x5), i.e. 120 possible combinations.- hey! You'll need several sets of Scrabble.- According to Descartes (a French philosopher dating back to the 17th Century), you should doubt about any of the 120 words listed on the table. Thanks to your bright intuition that has to enlighten your imagination, only one word is going to appear clear and distinct, it is the 'bread' combination. All that's left to be done is to shout 'Eurêka!'.

    3. Same process as the former one using a computer. Quick delivering guaranteed. But the question is: Are computer techniques reliable?

    4. A still more quicker way is to use your flashing imagination by straight on seeing in your mind 'bread'. That's the insight technique, the best one when you are in a hurry.

    5. There are also a lot of empirical modes of imagining the bread-word. First make it for being a breadwinner. Have you got a family? Become the breadwinner of the family. Do you live alone with yourself? Just force yourself to work a bit and start earning your 'daily bread'. The bread word will come in extra.

    6. Removing technique: As you may know the stomach is sometimes called 'breadbasket' in slang. Gulp down a big loaf of bread and say: My breadbasket is overfull, it needs cut off. Then cut the basket off the bread.

    7. One more recipe: Have a good breakfast. After eating your fill with bread-and-butter toasts, butter up one more toast. Then remove the butter.

    8. Take off your bra. If you are not a girl or a girl who don't wear a bra, strip it off your girl-friend and write on it an "e" and a "d".

    There are of course an infinite number of ways to comply with the requests of efra.
    The "variation technique" used in phenomenology opens to you countless ways to work with the problem. Jean-Paul Sartre (a French philosopher of last century) called that "l'i

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