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Help ! Abrevations! I need a full lesson please.

Hello,on the time I began English at school, I did't learned mostly shortening terms; Obviously, without skill I have sometimes any difficulties...For example :
-I shall not able to understand (=I shan't able to.)
-I will do it if I am able to learn it (I'll do it if I'm able...)
***I will not... = I wan't ? or I won't ? or I would not ? I am quite lost!!
Sory to disturb you, but if any body could handle a notice about those freak common senses, I great you; Please have my all recognition.


  • About abbreviations you mention, I know there are on this forum some competent persons who will be so kind as to provide you with a full lesson.
    In the mean time, I can give you my feelings.

    "I shall not" is correctly shortened as "I shan't" but you shouldn't use it by now because this former way of speaking has faded. Say "I will not" except in some precise cases where you offer someone something like: "Shall I help you?" "Shall give you a lift?"...

    You should look up on an on-line dictionary like Answers.com.

    I think such abbreviations (elisions, contractions..) are running with auxiliary verbs.
    Here are some shortenings that spring to my mind:
    I’m (I am) - I’ve (I have) - you’re (you are) - you’ve (you have) - she’s (she is or she has) -
    he’s (he is or he has)
    I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, she’ll (for I will, you will, etc.)
    I’d (I had or I would or I should), you’d, he’d, she’d (…had or would or should)
    You aren’t, aren’t you, he isn’t, isn’t he, wasn’t, you weren’t, ..shouldn’t, wouldn’t… (n’t for not)
    I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, sh’ll, we’ll, they’ll … (for will)
    I won’t (I will not)
    at the end of the phrase: You aren’t a nerd, are you?
    You’re a nerd, aren’t you?
    He is a nerd, isn’t he?
    The life is worth living, isn’t it?
    or: The life is worth living, ain’t? (less formal)
    ain’t (for ‘is not’ or ‘isn’t it’ )

    Looking forward myself at Silky’s, Jean-Pierre’s or any other competent member’s discretion.

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