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What do you think about the use of a dictionary for the exercices ? Is it disadvised ?


  • What do you think about the use of a dictionary for the exercices ? Is it disadvised ?
  • O.K. AhQ. Things are settled.
    I nonetheless can't agree with the fact that advice would clutter up the forum. (Don't say: clutter IN the forum but just clutter the forum or clutter up the forum.)
    You're right. Infinite beings can't be counted down.
    Only finite things can be counted one (singular as you point out a single one) or 2 up to a lot (plural as you point out many).
    Are infinity and eternity also non countable words?
  • I like to split hairs, Gee, because I'm used to do my work neat and tidy. A tiny piece of dust on the floor makes me mad.
    In the same way I can't stand you saying "advice in the singular". Advice is a non countable word. That means there is neither singular nor plural.
    You won't be able to count the pieces of dust in your home when you'll be coming back from holiday. Dust will cover the furniture.
    In the same way you won't be able to count down the pieces of advice that clutter in the GG forum.
    Therefore the grammar looks at them as being uncountable.
    There is dust or no dust (at my place, no dust at all).
    You give or seek advice or you don't.
    Let's get rid of numbers with non countable words.

  • I've just read the message you posted one hour ago.
    I thank you for answering.
    I agree. I think you're on the good way.
    There are pros and cons at coming around the forum where so many mistakes spoil your screen. At the end I think it's better to write and to read than doing nothing.
    Of course the best would be that someone corrects the mistakes.
    For my part I'd like to be corrected as often as needed.
    That's why I'd tell you that you had better using advice in the singular. It's a "non countable" word. No offense intended, hey!
    So long.
  • In my opinion, Chris, it might be inadvisable to use a dictionary that doesn't fit with what you're doing.
    What kind of dictionary? A small pocket bilingual dictionary intended for tourists to provide them with some basic words to help them out in a foreign country? That doesn't fit with the Gymglish exercises which need a discerning understanding of words according to the context.
    But a reliable dictionary would have helped you for posting your present note here, Chris. Had you looked up in a good dictionary for "disadvised", I bet you wouldn't have picked it up anywhere.
    Don't forget there are on line a lot of language and encyclopedic dictionaries.

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