English Vocabulary

Let's stop flexing memory muscles...

I'm a bit tired of flexing them every day with the same words. Is it because I always get 100% correct answers for the grammar exercises that I don't have any more of them?

By the way, I love the story... but what happens if I refuse to answer the vocabulary test (which I find a bit boring... sorry)?

Does anyone feel the same?


  • For the vocab, I suggest that you chose 'No need to review' to all the vocab words that are too easy for you: they will never bother you again until you request them again.
    They will still be in your workbook in case you want to check them again though...

    If you simply refuse to do the vocab tests, they will come again on the next lesson, and this will not fix your problem ! Do not hesitate to use 'No need to review'.

    As far as grammar goes, if you always get 100% of correct answers, there are no reasons to keep sending you grammar exercises... so the Gymglish expert software "decided" not to send you any more grammar.

    Best Regards,

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