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problem : Vocabulary workbook, there's no access to pdf


in the vocabulary part of my workbook, i've got the access to all my worked words in html but when i click on the pdf icon or on the pdk link "View details: WORDS TO REVIEW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (PDF file)", i've got an error message who saids :
"le fichier ne commence pas par %PDF-."

how can i access at this pdf ?

thanks for your help.

For information, i already have 5 lessons.


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    Did the Vox populi visit the to FAQ answers file?
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  • Hello,

    I hope that you problem is now fixed. If you still have issues with the workbook, and in general for this type of problems, the best way is to contact us by email to :
    support _at_

    You will get a much faster answer that what you could get on the forum...

    Best regards,
    Antoine Brenner

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