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Hi, my name’s Veronique but I had to choose the nickname Dido (one of my favourite singer) because Veronique or Vero was not available, so…
I’m a new Gymglish member. I went to the forum and found it very interesting for anyone who wants improve its English.
Don’t hesitate to send me messages about any subjects, I’ll be so happy to answer you in English!
Read you soon.

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  • Hello

    thanks Dido for everything!
    Indeed I know Vocable, I susbscribed many years ago ( By the way do I write "I have subscribed or subscribed...because many years could be a kind of indication in the past but it's not very precise) ans it's true that it is well done. I found on internet a website where you can reach a lot people from different nationalities in order to exchange with them about anything and especially in english. Of course I have chosen an english woman (you can select the nationality, the age and so on)with I could progress. I think it's better than french people because you let yourself be tempted to speak french so you have to speak in english and you are sure that's there is no mistake....

    your english group (konversando)like you I have the same problem : it's too late and after a working day I don't feel up anymore to going there !!! thanks

    Good luck for your work!
  • ‘I subscribed…’ is an action past and finish. You subscribed at Vocable many years ago but you’re not user now its finish, it’s the PAST TENSE.
    ‘I have subscribed…’ is an action start in the past but who continue in the present. You have subscribed at Vocable many years ago and you’re still user? it’s the PRESENT PERFECT TENSE.
    ‘Many years ago’ indicate that you know Vocable since a long time, the most important in your phrase is to know if you continue or not to read Vocable.

    Exchange with people speaking other language than you is a right way to learn a foreign language.

    I went to Dublin and Toronto on a language courses organised by Nouvelle Frontière agency and it was a very nice and positive experiences. I was the only French in my class and my welcomed family didn’t speak French, so during 5 weeks I spoke only English at home, school and during my day off, and I learned a lot.

    Have a good time with your new friends. Did you receive good news after your interview?

    See you,

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