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i would like to have more vocabulary exercices french->english than english->french.
how i can have that?


  • Hi all,
    i'm just wondering what is the best way to improve and refresh my english quickly, efficiently and mostly in a easy manner .
    thanks in advance for your assistance .
  • Like brandi, I will probably ask for more exercices french->english because it's definitly the more difficult aspect of our learning process.
  • Hello everybody,
    I think the best way to learn speaking english is by reading lots of english stories and by speacking or writting in english as often as possible, because we have to think in english to progress. I just begin gymglish lesson lesson and I would like to find a place for discussion in english and where everyone would correct the error he would find.
    For example, I'm sure my text is full of Errors but there is no one to indicate me a correction.
    See you soon

  • An idea... Perhaps we can add 5 minutes working every day with Gymglish, trying to tell something to a ... (just now I don't know how to say "interlocuteur" in English...) person. For example the subject of the film we saw on sunday or describe the weather in Paris last sunday (very sunny day) and what we have done : "I had a lunch at the "Terminus Nord", a very typical "brasserie" in front of the Northern Railway Station in Paris with my travel guide in Moscow this august. We had delicious oysters and "bouillabaisse" and after we walked in Paris. It was a very beautiful day and Tatiana was very happy because just now it is raining in Moscow since two weeks..." and so on...
    Perhaps my English is not good English but I tried to explain something to somebody...
    We can find a part of this forum where we can tell what we want. Only few words, not more than 5 lines. The others should correct the mistakes... They can ask questions about the subject...
    What do you think about this...
    Perhaps a new part of the forum should be create like "open discussions" or "open trainig - correct each others" Is there already one part like that ?

  • Thanks to antoine for suggesting to work with the workbook. I'm going to try to work with it like he says...
  • I have the same problem that Brandi and Seb890. It's difficult to express ourselves and it's necessary to train to do it...
  • Write directly to Gymglish via email. I'm sure they'll give you what you want.
  • From brandi:
    i would like to have more vocabulary exercices french->english than english->french.
    how i can have that?


    you can find that in dictionnary bilang ...HAHAHA
  • We have just (two weeks ago) raised the ratio of french->english tests in Gymglish because many users asked for it.

    To practice more French->English vocab, you can also go to your workbook and get the pdf list of your vocabulary: at the end, you will find two short lists (French-English and English-French) of vocabulary that can be used for self-training.

    Best regards,

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