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Could you give us the possibility to add some words to the vocabulary list?


  • I think you just have to write to Gymglish via email and they'll do it for you.

  • From Mercure:
    Among major projects, X company ramped up paper machine at the


    Hello Mercure.
    As your message has been left in the lurch for 5 days yet, I'd like to tell you my understanding. Mind you! I am quite imperitus, so keep reluctant at reading me.
    The verb ramp up has here as object a paper machine.
    Linked to machine the word paper doesn't fit to be an adjective meaning - made of - like in paper hat, paper dart, paper handkerchief.
    Paper is probably here a transitive genetive of machine i.e. a machine manufacturing paper. - like in paper knife, paper shelves,..
    We might assume that the X company is a paper mill.
    In that case we may think that it could have to move in a new paper machine which is quite heavy. Therefore a ramp would be needed to work as an elevator; there are electrical and hydraulic ramps. That device ramps up the machine into the factory.
    To make sense in the sentence, the term project has to be looked at as enterprise, undertaking and not as a specific plan for a future action. Because a project as a plan or idea cannot be said by an action in the preterit - ramped up -.
    But at the Gymglish they are used to play tricks and set traps on every street corner. That's why I stay puzzled about how to interprete the sentence.
    Just like in my today's lesson, we had to solve a crime! In my anarchistic opinion a crime has not to be solved, but just perpetrated and if possible not bungled. What's to be solved by the law enforcement officials is the unveiling of the criminals.
    But English language is quite used of such shortcuts.
  • Hi,

    Could you give us the possibility to add some words to the vocabulary list?

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