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Verb with in or out at the end


Why do we say "find out" and not only "find" in the sentence "how did you find out my website ?"
Can we have a grammar lesson on this kind of verb.

Thank you !


  • The adverb 'out' coming after the verb 'find' gives it a shade of meaning or at least emphasizes one of its possible meanings. The finding is sure getting "out" of something.

    To find (sthg) means to come upon (sthg) either unexpectedly, by chance, or by searching, by effort, or by experience ... etc.

    To find out (sthg), suggests that coming upon (sthg) is the result of an effort, a study, an observation, a search - thus, not by chance.
    "How did you find out my website?" suggests that the speaker wants to know by which deliberate process the person discovered the website.

    Verbs coming along with a preposition or an adverb are called phrasal verbs.
    You might find out some information on a grammar on line.
    I've just found out this one for you:

    Wish you happy findings!
  • thank you very much, it is very helpful !
    So, I think that it is more a vocalulary subject than a grammar subject...
  • I knew only to come in (a room) and to go out.

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