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Congratulation to gymglish. I discovered gymglish when I was in Enlgand. I have done the first lesson, because I was interested in practicing my English.

Thanks to gymglish, I practice my English in a funny way.


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  • hello every body am a new subscriber in gymglish and i don't regret it so I need to meet persons to improve my speaking please help
    give ur suggestion and I'll be glad to read ones from u
  • Hi, Gee, I have a question about what you said to Emely. You said "so turn you say this way..."
    I would say " so turn your say this way" or "turn you saing this way"
    Can you tell if I'm right?

    From Gee:
    Dear Emely,
    Nathanjon is right.
    That doesn't mean Nathanjon is a person without any reason, any motive or so.
    But I guess you are French speaking and you translated word to word "Tu as/Vous avez raison.".
    So turn you say this way: "You are right, I agree with you, it is a new way to pratice English..."
    Kind regards,


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