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Obit is short for obituary. From latin obitus, dead.
The obit (obituary column) is that spot in newspapers where death notices are released.

Every minutes that pass on billions of earthlings die across the planet, some in wars, some from illness, injuries, oldness or boredom. Only a very few of them manage to reach the beyond. The bulk of others end up in mere ash or dust.

Gymglish users are not worth that such dull fate. I'd like to be so pleased as to welcome them into the paradise (or in the hell across our eternal path as they'd like it. I'd show them the way.) Therefore I need to be kept informed of their death. This obit column is fit for.

As soon as you pass away post your death notice here.
Of course you can also post notices of relatives' or friends' deaths, real of fictional. Mind you! Don't post death notices of fictional Gymglish characters, they might really pass away. That would be a great loss, ain't that right?

When you decide to give it up, post it up.

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  • Most GGusers couldn't enter the crowded cathedral in Modena to pay tribute to Luciano Pavarotti. They had to make do with attending the funeral outside watching one of the two giant screens.

    Would this console them?
    We invite them to listen to the song that Pavarotti was singing as he passed away.
    He was singing to the Death "What a frozen little hand (you have)!"
    We don't forget that the tall stature of the warm tenor was towering above the Death by more than a head. The Death's hand looked so small and cold to him.
    It was a so painful and freezing crossing for Luciano (Pavarotti was born and named for spreading warm 'light' all around in Italian).

    I don't want to get it out into the open by releasing the aria record on this GymGlish forum, just because Luciano's singing in Italian 'Che gelida manina' on the Puccini's melody. As I came here in, I caught sight of our Security Guard standing at the entrance, and, as you know, he can't stand hearing anything but English. I wouldn't have to be told off by Willy.
    But I will be so bold as to send you the aria that you'll be able to listen to on your Real Player software. To get it by return of e-mail, just send me your e-mail address with the mention "freezing hand of the Death" to Write in confidence.
    Yours aye
    Florent A. Sartoz
  • Thank God, our best friend Flo Sartoz didn't actually die. We all hope he will keep on coming on to our lounge. Can we all swear never to knock him out with strokes of bad languages.

    (Even though knocking s.o. out is better said that knocking out s.o., isn't it?)
  • I passed away! Slowly but surely, I, going by the name of Flo Sartoz, recently died to my mother language. Thanks to the GymGlish relentless undermining disconstruction of my former mental schemes, my previous French language passed away.

    I died at my French but I was born at the same very time to a new bright American English world.
    Reincarnation is an amazing revitalisation.
    My brain has been fit for American English only.
    Here and there, now and then, I may come across a Frenchie called Jean Marron who reminds me some hint of how I was speaking before in my Valaisian country; but not more than that Spaniard I met with this morning telling me "Buen viaje in GGland"; or that Aussie greeting me with a "Good day Flo!" ; and that Limey burglariSing the American words supply with an S removing the z ; and that German girl saying "Gott mit uns" instead of the G.W.Bush' "God bless America".
    All that polluting blows can't knock out me. I'm now steady heading for American English, even if I still often stumble against mistakes.

    Anyone who would grant me with condolences for my death or with congratulations for my new born life, can post their say on the obituary column of the GGforum or straight away send their meassage to

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