In the context of the funky Fridays, it means sort of bizarre, unsophisticated, unconventional, with cheek-in-tongue and eccentric manners, funny...
That doesn't prevent it to be, like the Funk music, somehow related to the style and feeling of blues... or to have a earthily sexual quality.

That adjective sure comes from WUSS.
A wuss (slang) is a weak or timid person, more especially <unmanly>.
Here is a quotation given by
< Cats are for wusses, dog men say. > by Laura Blumenfeld.
You guess what a dog man is, flouf.

DULL means stupid / or slow in perception and acting / or lacking sharpness of edge or point / or not clear
A DULL MOMENT is a boring, dismal, gloomy, dreary moment.
I hope you never have a dull moment at carrying out your GymGlish workout.

This at least how I understand those expressions.
If you don't mind me saying, when you need a definition as working on the internet, go to <>. That dictionary forwards you to other sources if need be and provides an audio for pronunciation.