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hi, i'm marie. I'm ivorian.i would like to increase my english. So, i invite you to discuss with me by email or gymglish relation.

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  • Hi safa, my name is Julia and i would like to comunicate with someone in english, too. Today is my first day with GymGlish. I hope to improve my english...
    hope to get a mail! :)
  • hi, safa and liloe79, i am forestine79 and it's also my first day on GymGlish so i would like to communicate in english to improve it
    by by
  • Hello, for me it's the same I'm Valérie and I need some practice of speaking english!
  • Hi Safa,
    why do you want to learn english? For your job?
  • Hi Julia,

    may we try together?
    I'm Valérie, I'm french and I'm leaving in Germany. And you?
  • Hi, I am Mouska
    I will be very happy to communique with some personne in English.
    I live in Quebec City, I am a gramma I like visual arts, theatre, travael and in first children.
    Have a nice day
  • Hi Hope Marie,
    I'm ivorian too and I'm very happy to meet my sister here. Where do u live?

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