English Vocabulary

Gymglish Memory Power


So who's got the highest GMP ?
I'm using Gymglish pro and my GMP is 9900 and counting...



  • Sorry to bother you, but What do you call a GMP ?
  • I scored 34 335...but I can hardly compare my results with only one user! Thank you.
  • Your question is quite relevant, Yves, for abbreviations - and even some acronyms - use to fitting scores of fields. For instance "To supply the users of the mGP with a gMP, the GMP makes sure people secure a gmP; whatever pants they wear, GMP or GMP." means that "for supplying the users of the magical Gymglish Pro with a great Memory Power, the Gymglish Magical Pro makes sure that people secure a good madly pratice, whatever pants they wear, great maxi pants or good minimal panties." (s) AhQ ...///... Mind you, possible beginner reading AhQ's note. AhQ has turned sadly mad. He didn't even subscribe to the Gymglish Pro, just to the common GG. Abbreviations are used for organisations, entities, technological products or common expressions, not for conversational language, if not in texto. (s) AhQ's second self.

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