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problem with your server

I read in the mail I received the day you got problems that, in compensation for the inconvenience, you'll offer one free month subscription; you gave an web address but I didn't write it down and unfortunately I haven't seen it again since then... Was that correct or am I mistaken? thanks for your answer

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  • I do care Tiazora :your problem sarted two months ago.I sympathise all the more so as I have a similar problem. A few weeks ago, I wanted to get in touch with the Support Team but all my mails kept coming back to me (I use Outlook).Eventually, I decided to telephone them. A charming girl told me to answer the mail she was going to send me. She did send me a mail, I answered straightaway but it came back two minutes later...I really can't help you.Let's hope Willy will wake up one day!
  • If you send you e-mail from your running software (for instance Outlook express), a spam cannot block it.
    You probably work on hotmail, yahoo or something that kind. That's beyond me.
  • thank you, Silky; it cheers me up; let's hope ...
  • apparently nobody cares if I can't get in touch with the team
  • after reading through the forum, it appears that Willy could be the one who could give me a piece of information .... the mail to the support team comes back because it's considered as spam; what shall I do to avoid the problem?
  • no, that's incredimail...; but somebody from the staff here could tell me why it's considered as spam and is sent back to me!!
  • Thanks, Gee; I had finally understood that way of writing, but nevertheless my mail is still undelivered; the notice states that it is SPAM!! So , now, could you give me some other useful advice? thanks in advance
  • Hello tiazora,

    tiazora said:
    > apparently nobody cares if I can't get in touch with the team

    I did not realize that you could not send us any email because of our spam filter. In general, our spam filter is not very agressive, but for some reason it must have rejected your mail.

    Can you either send us your request from another email account or post your request in this thread ?

    Best regards,
    Antoine Brenner

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