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Cock a snoop

Where does this expression orignate from? I thought that this was a degoratory term aimed against snoop doggy dogg, possibly from the turf war between Bad Boy Records and Death Row records?


  • Alo Alo? Testing 1, 2, Testing?
  • A man of my stature wouldn't deign to respond to such common vulgarities. Nevertheless, methinks that a 'cock a snoop' is neither related to Snoopy (the fun-loving beagle of Charlie Brown fame and canine companion to the bird Woodstock) nor to legendary long-beach raconteur Snoop Doggeth Dog. In fact, the entire 'cock' aspect is entirely undiscovered. I recently learned that a 'cock' was the male version of the female chicken, also know as a 'hen'.

    I fear that the answer to this idiom lies within a riddle, embedded within an enigma, lodged in a puzzle.

    Peace out, as we say on my estate.
  • From Quentin Duchamps:
    Alo Alo? Testing 1, 2, Testing?

  • In my humble opinion, Snoopy's behavior has been rubbing off on the idomatic expression "to cock a snook at somebody" which means "thumb the nose" (French: faire la nique à qqn).
    If you are a regular reader of Snoopy, tell me what exactly means "to cock a snoop".

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