The Delavigne Corporation

Carnival on Aug. 21 at Gymglish's Delavigne

They had to force their way through the throng tonight on piazza Delavigne. Noble masks everywhere.

Not only VIP had been invited like in the former 7 to 1 party. The rank and file could take part hidden behind their carnival masks, and even play a character of first rank.

Looking at that from here up, I tought to myself: What a cock up!

[hint for beginners: the rank and file can be translated in French as "le menu fretin".]


  • Hi dear Guardian Angel!

    I was there on piazza Delavigne. Could you pick me up in the crowd? more precisely in the rank and file?

    I think you've been stuck watching the carnival for so long that you got a bit dizzy to the point you had a slip of the pen in your thoughts.
    Are you always thinking to yourself, Guardian Angel? Even when you think of us, earthlings?
  • Hi Gee Hi Guardian Angel!

    Whatever are you talking about? The plebs are not understanding you correctly!
  • Dear plebeian Henrietta who got sandwiched between two aristocratic characters built up by the GymGlish's FBI section,

    You touched down here yesterday coming from a planet like Mars. And you got straightaway sandwiched into the hurly-burly running on at that point.
    Therefore you can't twig anything about what's going on. You must learn that the past of this forum is a shaggy-doggy story.

    When the GymGlish board created the forum about one year ago, it acted just as it's reported in the Genesis Yahve created the world and straight away left it in the lurch. You know what a bloody shambles it's got.
    When the forum got created by the GG, it took some time to grow as any newborn child. Anyone could think it was to come into blossom sooner or later. And now and then it really thrived.
    But with this summer global warming, a global boring overran the forum. One after the other the best samples ran along. What was left were here and there new shoots yearning for life (1). The forum looked like a high and dry desert.
    And on Aug. 21, all of a sudden, a lot of strange characters swarmed onto the square, especially at Delavigne's corner(2). For me it looked like the Venice carnival that I'm so fond of. Invaders came down hidden behind strange and weird drags and masks.
    Every GymGlish subscriber of good sense were taken aback and suspected the square be invaded by an army of spies sent down from the GBI (3).

    But here up in heaven we hadden't to worry. We knew it was the crazy outburst of the GG's court fool and we got a fit of laughter. More than one thinks that there is a need for change and that the skeleton of the forum should be reorganized. As any change needs at first a heavy shake up, so was the so-called carnival I pointed out.
    Shake the bottle before using, is it written on the tag.
    Shake the forum before changing, is it written on the stars.

    Peace on Earth and good will to all GGmen and all GGwomen.
    Your Guardian Angel.

    (1) read: the newcomers delivering the standard emergency call "Need someone to talk with in order to improve my english(sic)".
    (2) "the Delavigne corporation" file in the forum.
    (3) GymGlish Bureau of Investigation.

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