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Availability of the audio server


I know that this isn't the right place to complain about but I cannot find another way to contact Gymglish:

It seems as if the audio server in Berlin hasn't been available for a couple of days. It's always busy!

The French one works but I don't like to waste money for calls to France...

Any advices (my computer has no voice boxes)?!

Betty Blue


  • Don't ring them up, betty blue.
    Just e-mail your complaint to <>.
    You won't have to wait for <once in a blue moon> to get provided with what you're requiring.
    This my piece of advice to you, German betty blue. Any advice is uncountable, dear.
  • Hello.

    Thank you for the feedback. We have changed the audio server's provider for Germany on August 27th 2007. We hope that the new provider will provide a better service to us and to our customers.
    The new number is now in Köln.

    Best regards,
    Antoine Brenner

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