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Favorite or funniest Gymglish line

Alo everyone! Here is Quentin Duchamps from Paris.

I am wondering if anyone has a favorite line of dialogue from a gymglish scene. I would love to hear what made you laugh (or cry). You can even tell me who you think is the funniest character in GymGlish.

P.S. Personally I am a big fan of my own work, especially the line 'We can even discuss discounts!'. The meaning isn't very funny but the way I say it is!

What do you think?


  • Cheerio, mates!

    Anything Brian says is dreamy. I loved when he cried on the island in funky friday! He says, 'I'm too pretty to die like this!'.

    I love Brian. I wonder what he looks like and if he suffers from back problems.
  • I have a massive urge for Horatio!

    I love it when he said 'It is I', and he loves ficus that is a fast growing plant. He turns me weak at my knee, which is because I have only one leg, and the other one sometimes I felt in my dreams when I sleeping.
  • I love ficus too,
  • Who would still think that the GymGlish is nothing but an English learning system? Every little girl won't miss to fill up their gaps in English by losing their cherry at the same time.
  • 'Are you bleeding?', Luna

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