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What did you answer --> question 2?

Please help me - What did you answer --> question 2? I am not good, i need help - it is not cheated, it's only help me get best score - (mummy will be happy)
Please - I promise, I'll be your friend
Love everywhere on Earth.
Lee Lephant


  • If I tell you I will have to kill you.
  • Please don't kill Lee Lephant !
    Let's him answer question 921365 !
  • I wonder whether you could find a detailed answer to question 1, Lee Lephant. I fear that you simply crushed it with treading it underfoot.
    About question 2, it's up to you to answer two to question two too.
    If you give a wrong answer to question 2, you'll have to be told off too.
    And your mum could spank your two buttocks too.
    That's why you had better just sit down on question two, it would get crushed under your 2.2 tons.
    Whatever you do, above all don't call Brian Jones for help. He is so quick with fisticuffs. At Delavigne's he's called "the Aussie the killer".

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