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Do you know about the 'GreenGlish' Project?

Hello Everyone!

GreenGlish is a set of initiatives introduced into the GymGlish offices with the aim of minimising the impact of its business practices on the environment...

More information (only for french speakers for the moment!):

Peace Out!
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  • I have just looked at the greenglish link and I full agree with this concept .
    Would somone tell me more about what is doing with gymlish ? Is there any forum to tell people 's point of view ?
  • "More information (only for french speakers for the moment!):"

    I tried it

    "Oops! 404 Not Found
    Please use the "Back" button of your browser to go back where you came from, or go to
    The GymGlish Team"

    it looks english, doen't it?
  • does it work now:
  • …“At the moment, we are limiting the carbon neutral project to the internal operations and activities of GymGlish. This means that, for example, we do not take into account the energy consumed by our customers' computers while they complete their GymGlish lessons.”
    Yes, it certainly will be much more difficult to evaluate such external parameters. For instance, what would happen if GG did not exist ? To learn english, I would go in town for a weekly lesson (10 kms). Even by tram or bus (I try not to use my car) it would certainly be worse than using computers and networks. Staying in my bed (alone, with wool blankets and eiderdown) would certainly be the best contribution to CO2 production but it would not help me improve my english !

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