English Grammar


I want to learn english


  • Do you have any question about something?

    Do you know rules in order to build word with the same radical ex : efective, efectiveness...
  • Ivan, if you want to learn english, you must practice all times, you have to listen to the radio but in english, read the news ofcourse in english, T.V
  • Yes I wish to learn english. I will practice in listen the T.V.and the news. I listen the persons whish speacking
  • Hi IVAN,
    Becoming a fluent in English depends on three things : The attitude towards that language, the amount of time you spend about learning and the efficient way you use to learn English.

    Attitude : If you enjoy learning English you will improve. You need the willingness to learn English. If I promise you one million dollars to becomme a fluent you will do it. Don't give up. Don't frustrating. Remember that Attitude is the most important thing that you have to get to reach your goal.

    Amount of time : You have to take the time needed to learn English. You must spend one (1) to two (2) hours per day if you want to suceed.

    Efficient way to learn languages : You have to concentrate on fundamental things to learn a language. You must to read, listen and review all the new words that you come across. This three activity represent 70% of learning time.

    I wish you good luck in your studies !

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