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slt je suis encore debutant donc je vais parler en francais, en fait jia un probleme avec gymglish,car aujourdhui jai envoye le mail des reponses avec un exercice non fait ce qui fait que le resultat etait catastrophique, donc si quelquun pourrait me dire comment resoudre ce porbleme et merciii davance


  • jattends toujours vos reponses et merci
  • Don't be so sissy, Redmin or Reda (I suppose your are the same person).
    Rather that using a foreign language like French that most users can't understand, speak like Chen Lee, the Chinese. He writes without any grammar and without any fear for mistakes.
    My advice to you is this one.
    Post again your message this way.

    I - beginner - have - problem.
    Exercise not done - result - catastrophe (or: disaster).
    I - do - what?

    I take the liberty to answer just as if I had been able to understand your French.
    There is never any disaster with the GymGlish.
    The missed exercise will come back soon in another lesson.
    And the score will get higher.

    God bless you.
    Guardian Angel
  • I advice you to try even you may made some mistakes. English is a good language and it is so pleasant to talk with it.
  • Good advice indeed.
    Mistakes are useful as long as they get corrected.
    So, no offence intended if I correct your say, pal!
    "I advise you to try even if you may/might make mistakes".
    advice with a C in a noun
    the verb is advise with an S
    Way to go!

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